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  What does Private label mean? Some people call it a "store brand" or "generic brand", but it all just means Better Valu is not a nationally advertised brand that typically spends a lot for consumer research, new product development, marketing and fancy photography. Our grocery partners sell Better Valu for one reason: to provide their customers with a line of low priced items they can count on to help manage their money in a tough economy.
  How can you charge so much less? I'm suspicious! When your #1 goal is to provide consistent, safe and tasty products at the lowest possible price, you cut out all the frills. Better Valu has no expensive advertising, no fancy packaging, and offers basic products instead of items with "all the bells and whistles", all so we can save you money. We also choose manufacturers and retailer partners who have the same goal.
  I heard from someone in another state about how Better Valu costs so much less. How can I find it near me? Better ValuŽ is a line of private label products and not available everywhere. Contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Look for the bright yellow & blue Better Valu brand logo in every isle. You'll find products you want at the lowest possible prices... without having to wait for a sale or clip coupons!


Moe H.

"Your short cut green beans knocked my socks off. I couldn't believe I could save so much over my old brand and still put something good on the table."

Tyra L.

"Tea is so expensive! So I tried your Better Valu tag-less tea bags and they are very good. I tell everyone about it. Keep up the good work on a wonderful product that helps my budget."

Janet D.

"When I saw your Yellow Cling Peaches in Light Syrup said 'irregular' I wasn't sure about it, but at that price I had to try them. Well they were very good in taste and quality. You can count me in as a 'regular' customer. LOL"